Metropolitan Racing

The Association policy is and has put forward a recommendation to limit the number of $8,000 races programmed for M0 horses as we are not moving these horses through the classes. It was recommended that more M0 penalty races could be run as well as single front metropolitan fronts to get horses through and eventually create a true FFA class.

We believe that $8,000 heats into $20,000 finals for M0 should be limited and in fact should be replaced with $15,000 heats into $20,000 finals. This would assist more horses moving through to M1.

Due to FFA ranks being depleted at present, and many FFA's having to be deleted or run with small fields, the Association suggested that to ensure our FFA horses get the valuable race fitness that is needed, HRV introduces and advertises a policy as follows:

In the event of a fast class event being deleted, HRV reserves the right to program an invitation race for the same amount of stakemoney, where the distribution of stakes may be altered (eg: 60 %, 9 %, 4%, all others 2%).

The Association has proposed a 'Rotational Metropolitan Program', click here to view suggested program.