Mare Concession / Mares Races

The Association is not opposed to the mares’ concession perse. We are concerned that there is a misconception that mares and fillies don’t get a fair go. They have separate divisions for the same amount of money in futurity racing and mares only races and preferential barrier draw on sex used more and more in races.

We do believe that we cannot discriminate against colts and geldings all the time.

From our regional meetings over the past couple of years we have found that the biggest problem members have is not the lack of opportunities for mares, but when programming mare’s races there appear to be a lack of co-ordination by class or region.

When mares drop back a class this should be in no more than two combined class races. We do not believe that mares should be allowed to drop back in multiple class races and the mares’ concession rules should be the same as the concession driver claims.