Late Scratchings

Drivers Fees

The Association has an agreement with HRV that in the case of a late scratching of a horse, whether by vet advice, float breakdown or starter error, the driver receives their driver's fee.


The Association has recommended to HRV that a horse which is deemed a late scratching from a race by stewards when it may be denied a fair star should be compensated.

Currently if a race is declared a no race, a meeting or races on a meeting abandoned, then the trainer receives (for want of a better description) a travel subsidy to offset the cost of fuel and charge to be incurred by owners.

In the case of a late scratching for being denied a fair start due to starter error, the trainers should receive the standard $100.00 to offset travel costs. The owner will still have to be charged for something that was a mistake, which was out of their control.