Feature Races

The Association policy on Feature Races can be broken down into three categories:

Group Racing

This is obviously your Victoria Cup, Derby, Oaks, Super Sires and some Country Cups etc. We believe as is the case in the thoroughbred code there is no concession claims in these races. As well these events, should as a matter of principle, when starting from the mobile, be random barrier draws (RBD).

Listed Features

These are some of the smaller Country Cups, Moonee Valley Features for both pacers and trotters. As with Group Racing we are of the opinion that there should be no claims and when starting from the mobile, all barrier draws be RBD.

Other Special Features

In this category we would place races such as the Tontine, Carlton Draught at Mildura and so on. Where three or more classes are combined to start from the mobile then:

  • A faster class horse cannot claim into the race using a concession driver or mares concession,

E.g. Tontine series (C2-C4), a C5 mare cannot claim into the event or a C5 using a driver’s concession claim.

  • A concession claim whether mare or driver cannot be utilized for barrier draws.

E.g. Tontine series (C2-C4), a C3 mare or C3 with a concession driver cannot claim in the event and be treated as a C2 in the barrier draw.

We also believe all Feature Races should be concession claim free, and virtually preferential draw free. The only preferential barrier draw used should be on PBC.