Driver Splits

The Association believes that there should be Driver Splits.

We are concerned that the perception is that everyone is a crook. To suggest that trainers manipulate their draws by nominating a Gath, Alford, Caldow, Lang or Douglas on a horse just to avoid another horse is insulting to the trainers of this industry.

The argument that we have an obligation to the owner, trainer and punting public is very valid one, as we do want to instill confidence in them. Punters wish to see the same driver driving the horse often. Owners and trainers don’t get many chances to make a prestigious race such as a Derby or Sires, Breeders Crown final and wish to have the driver who regularly drives that horse, driving to give it every opportunity to make the final. Drivers make the decision of which horse to drive in a final when they see how a horse has performed in a heat and its draw in the final.