Dress Code

The issue of dress code was brought up in particular with regard Moonee Valley metropolitan meetings. The Association has noticed a distinct downgrading in the dress code of a number of trainers and strappers at these meetings.

We advised HRV that we support its push on dress code and that stewards to pull aside trainers that appear in the parade ring or at presentations inappropriately dressed. We do not abdicate fining but if a trainer continues to dress in appropriately we are willing to assist HRV in reminding them of their requirements in regard dress code.

We are not saying that a suit and tie is required, just that neat and tidy casual attire should be maintained. Trainers or strappers with dirty or torn pants and shirts, which appear to not be as a result of attending horses on that night, should be frowned upon.

We do not believe this should only apply to Licence holders, at times many owners attire when required for presentations is totally unacceptable, as they on most occasions do not have to deal with attending horses. We believe that HRV should make a stance in this area and do not make a presentation if the owner is not appropriately dressed.