VTDA October/November News

Licence Renewal and Insurance

YOU will have now received your Licence renewal for the 2012/13 season. As you will see from your renewal, fees have come done slightly even though Insurance costs have increased. The Association has been working to reduce these fees even further with HRV and to adjust some inconsistencies within in the Trainer category. HRV have committed to tackling this further next season and the Association has made it clear to HRV that it believes it is imperative that this takes place.

As part of the renewal Trainers and Drivers are charged for the Harness Racer and this cost has reduced slightly due to the Racer going to a bi monthly publication.

Starting Procedures

AS you will have seen in the previous months Racing Information guide under the “Chairman of Stewards News” the Association has been working with the Chairman of Stewards to get consistency in both our Mobile and Standing Start procedures. The changes were to have taken place on October 1 so all drivers should make themselves aware of the changes to avoid any confusion. This is an ongoing review and when needed adjustments will be made progressively to achieve the desired outcome.

This is not just for Drivers but also importantly for Staters, Clerks of Course and Track attendants as numerous problems can be caused by them not adhering to the policy.

Out of Draw/Breaking Gait/Stood Down policy

AS part of our review with the Chairman of Stewards all trainers and drivers should be aware of the amendment to the policy guidelines on Breaking Gait, being placed Out Of The Draw and horses stood down to the trials.

The intent has been to make the policy relating to pacers and trotters more consistent and at the same time attempting to minimise the cost to owners and trainers by having to return to the trials. This is an ongoing review, as with Starting Procedures, to attempt to in six months time have policies that work well and both Stewards and Trainers & Drivers are satisfied that they are as close to the best possible taking into account the unpredictability of the animals we deal with.


THE Association is currently in the process of upgrading its website. There have been a couple of delays with our website designer so we now expect this to be up and running very shortly. The website whilst providing information to all will include some specific advantages for those members who are financial.


YOU can only have a strong voice by supporting your Association. Once again there will be a tick box on your Licence for membership. Please help us help you.